‘That Giant Tarantula Is Terrifying, but I’ll Touch It’ – Expressing Your Emotions Can Reduce Fear

Can simply describing your feelings at stressful times make you less afraid and less anxious? A new study published in Psychological Science suggests that labeling your emotions at the precise moment you are confronting what you fear can indeed have that effect. More>


Social Psychologists Espouse Tolerance and Diversity – Do They Walk the Walk?

Every ten years or so, someone will make the observation that there is a lack of political diversity among psychological scientists and a discussion about what ought to be done… More>

‘I Knew It All Along…Didn’t I?’ – Understanding Hindsight Bias

The fourth-quarter comeback to win the game. The tumor that appeared on a second scan. The guy in accounting who was secretly embezzling company funds. The situation may be different… More>

Brain-Computer Interfaces Are Changing the Way We Communicate

APS Fellow Niels Birbaumer is a leading researcher on brain-computer interfaces (BCI), which allow communication from the brain to an external device for patients who otherwise could not communicate through… More>

Gender Equality Influences How People Choose Their Partners

Men and women clearly have different strategies for picking sexual partners, but the reason why differences exist is less clear. The classic explanation for these differences has been that men’s… More>

When Do We Lie? When We’re Short on Time and Long on Reasons

Almost all of us have been tempted to lie at some point, whether about our GPA, our annual income, or our age. But what makes us actually do it?


OppNet Request for Applications: Basic Behavioral Research on Multisensory Processing (R21)

OppNet announces the first of its two FY2013 RFAs: Basic behavioral research on multisensory processing (R21). Applications are due October 31, 2012 by 5:00 PM.